Ultimate DV/35L

O’Conner Ultimate DV/35L
Manufacturer: OConnor
Model Number: UltimateDV-35L
Website (Commercial/Pro): OConnor Commercial Website
Product ID: MP11391
R2 Description: Tripod, O’Connor 1030B, Head, 100mm Ball
Alternative Product Name: Oconner, O’Connor, 1030B
User Manual Download: Ultimate DV/35L
Product ID: MP11391 Category:

MPR Says: “Quick ‘n easy”

“Its funny sometimes to watch someone for the first time try to adjust the legs on the O’Connor 35L… They look for the traditional friction locks on the legs and scratch their head. In fact, these legs are designed to be easily adjusted, up and down, by the operator, even while the camera is attached! No need for the one leg up, one leg down game – just look for the release ring (or better yet, ask a rental associate).”

Product Overview:

The O’Connor Ultimate DV/35L professional Fluid Head was specifically engineered for supporting High Definition cameras. It possesses the same peerless sinusoidal counterbalance system as OConnor’s fluid heads for 35mm film cameras, but with the addition of greatly enhanced pan and tilt dampening.

The 35L is a lightweight, rugged, quick deployment carbon fiber tripod with the ability to set-up instantly on most terrains. This is achieved by having a ring, located under the tripod top casting, which releases all three legs simultaneously. Each leg can also be independently adjusted. It includes a mid-level spreader.

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