TVLogic 5.6 Monitor

TV Logic VFM-056WP 5.6″ LCD 3G HD/SD-SDI HDMI Monitor
Manufacturer: TVLogic
Website (Commercial/Pro): TVLogic Commercial Website
Product ID: MP11775
R2 Description: Hood, TV Logic 5.6in
Product ID: MP11775 Category:

MPR Says: “Great little Monitor”

“Just big enough to pull focus. Also converts Hdmi to sdi and back. Focus assist false color. Cheap price “

Product Overview:

The TV Logic VFM-056WP 5.6″ LCD 3G HD/SD-SDI HDMI Monitor with Loop-Through is a lightweight , LED backlit LCD monitor with features such as DSLR Scale, Focus Assist, Various Scan Modes, Markers, Audio Level Meter with speaker and time code display. The VFM-056WP 5.6″ High-Resolution Compact LCD Monitor has a 6″ x 4″ x 1″ lightweight magnesium-alloy case which helps the unit weigh less than 11 oz (without battery plate). This monitor accepts multiple input formats including analog, 3G-SDI and HDMI, plus it has a HDMI direct loop out via HD-SDI (1280×720 59.94i/p only). The TVLogic VFM-056W also features a DSLR scale function, this function is especially designed for some DSLR cameras whose outputs have different resolution while previewing and recording or during playback. In the case of the Canon 5D MarkII, when the record button is pressed resolution drops from 1080i in preview mode to 480p. The DSLR Scale function scales the image to 1280 x 800 (Panel Resolution) and displays it Full Screen. Various battery brackets are available for this monitor including: Canon, Sony, Panasonic and AA. The TV Logic VFM-056WP 5.6″ LCD HD/SD-SDI HDMI Monitor has (4) mounting holes that are tapped to 1/4″-20, one on each side, top and bottom of the monitor’s case.



  • DSLR Scale: Function Scales SD output from a DSLR to 1280×800 Full Screen
  • Focus Assist (Peaking Filter): Red Color is displayed on sharp edges to enhance focus accuracy
  • Markers: Choose framing markers for CENTER, SAFETY AREA, FIT and more.
  • SDI Loop Through: Feature allows your HDMI or SDI input signal to be looped through to a second display via SDI
  • Waveform/Vector Scope: Displays waveform luminance (Y Level) and Vesctor Scope (B-Y, R-Y on XY axis) in Y/Cb/Cr, Wide and Line modes
  • Range Error: Selected values (Y MAX, Y MIN, C MAX, C MIN) are indicated in WAVEFORM/VECTOR* or Y/Cb/Cr modes
  • Y Level Check: Displays Y Level as a solid color on screen to assist in exposure adjustments

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