Barrel Fan

Heavy Duty Portable Barrel Fan
Model Number:  T9FB736561
Website (Commercial/Pro): Commercial Website
Product ID: MP10010
R2 Description: Production Supplies, 30 inch Direct Drive 3 speed Fan
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MPR Says: “MPR says, “We’re a big fan of this barrel fan =)”

“A little breeze can go a long way to make your team more productive on a film set. And this barrel fan is perfect for that purpose. It blows out cool air that keeps your actors from sweating. You can also use it for cooling large areas of your set or even for creating an artificial breeze for your scene. The barrel fan comes with an easy-to-grip handle, making it convenient to move the item from one place to another. The UL and CUL certifications iron out any safety concerns. The fan gives you 3 speed-options between 3850 and 5500 CFM. Sturdy, portable and affordable, this multipurpose barrel fan is a staple of movie sets. “

Product Overview:

-Convenient handle for easy portability

-UL and CUL Listed

-8-foot power cord

-3850 – 5500 CFM Range

-1/3 HP

-3 Speed

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