ARRI AS18 1800w HMI Par

ARRI AS18 1800w HMI Par System
Manufacturer: ARRI
Model Number: 1800w HMI SE
Website (Commercial/Pro): ARRI Commercial Website
Product ID: MP11055
R2 Description: Light, ARRI AS18/M18 HMI Par head, 1200w/1800w
Alternative Product Name: ARRI AS18 1800w HMI Par System
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MPR Says: “Small and powerful”

“Still small and lightweight enough for one person to move around set, the ARRI AS18 PAR system is newly designed to not only run off a 15 Amp household power supply, but with switchable 1200/1800 ballast, this head can be switched out with a 1200w bulb and become an AS12 at a moment’s notice. Also, with an additional switch to a max reflector, it can become a lensless M18 (ARRI Max 1800w).”

Included Accessories:

Product Overview:

The AS18 is an 1800W PAR style lamphead, combining
industry-standard ARRIS UN features with the
innovative True Blue design. The result is an exciting
new class of HMI, as small as a 1200W PAR but with a
70 percent higher light output.
The AS18 uses the same lenses, cables and accessories
as the ARRIS UN 12, and has similar beam spreads. For
compatibility, the lamphead can even be used with
a 1200W lamp and powered by either the purpose-designed
EB1200/1800 or any ARRI 1200W ballast.

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